Barbara Brennan Energy Healing & Long Distance Healing

COPYRIGHT © 2001 The Healing Heart Space - ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDBrennan Healing Science Practitioners and Barbara Brennan School of Healing graduates Serge Rascle, MS, and Penny Chang, CMA, offer full-spectrum energy healing, distance healing, and Spiritual Consultations to promote physical health, emotional well-being, spiritual growth, and personal fulfillment.

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The Healing Heart Space also offers a Two-Year Healers’ Training and Personal Transformation Program, as well as Personal Trainings in energy healing and Transformational Intensives, both in-person and web-based.

We also help our clients keep their living or working space clear and free of negative energy with our powerful House/Office Clearings and Blessings, which can be done at distance.


New Online Course:

How to Balance Your Energy and Energize Yourself: A Guide to Your Chakras and to improving Your Well-Being with Simple Exercises and Energy Balancing Techniques

Sessions Packages and gift certificates:

$20 OFF Sessions & Packages

Save up to $100 by purchasing a package of three or five sessions with Serge (in-person or distance/phone sessions). Gift certificates are also available. For those who are committed to their path of personal transformation and healing, and would like to receive healing work regularly. Buy Package here.

Two-Year Healers’ Training and Personal Transformation Program:


Whether you want to be a healer, would like to integrate new skills into your profession or practice, or are seeking to expand your awareness of the Greater You, join us for a two-year Healers’ Training and Personal Transformation Program starting this fall… Read more

Personal Training and Transformational Intensives (IN-PERSON or through the internet):


Personal training and Transformational Intensives not only teaches you skills related to energy healing and personal transformation, but also how to establish a deeper connection to the divine core of joy, love and light that is at the center of your being, thus allowing you to transform your life in a very profound way… Read more

Energy Healing and Other Sessions:

Full Spectrum Energy Healing

Full Spectrum Energy Healing offers multi-dimensional healing for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, allowing self-transformation and physical well-being in a new paradigm of healing. Whether you want to resolve a physical ailment, heal childhood trauma, or find a new direction for your life, your Barbara Brennan healer… Read more

Long Distance Healings

Long Distance Healings offer you the convenience of experiencing Full Spectrum Energy Healing wherever you live. Clients all other the world have received long distance energy healings directly from us at the Healing Heart Space in Charlottesville, Virginia. We typically begin these sessions with… Read more

Hara Healing

Our Hara Line holds the key to our intentions and our path in life. With an active and fully integrated Hara Line, we can manifest our dreams and embody our passions. We feel a sense of peace, presence, and personal power. Like a bridge between the divine and our earthly self, we are deeply connected to our innate power to… Read more

Core Star Healing

Beyond the personality, the daily self that works and plays, lies our True Self, our self as a Being of Light. We often lose our essential connection to this Light through childhood wounding or the bustle of daily living. Core Star Healings reconnect you with this inner Light. You will begin to discover your own… Read more

Transformational Healing

Transformational Healing integrates hands-on Barbara Brennan energy healing with a transformational process that addresses deeper issues of emotional well-being and challenges our limiting beliefs about life. In these energy healing sessions you may be gently guided to voice old feelings or issues that may be blocking… Read more

Two-Healer Energy Healing Sessions

Two-Healer Sessions offer you the combined talents of two healers in one session. Serge and Penny work together during these special healings to offer you a unique blend of their complementary insights and their male/female energies. These two-healer sessions are exponentially powerful… Read more

Spiritual Consultations

The purpose of these sessions is to bring to light what is most necessary for you to know, realize, feel or let go of in the moment. Whether you want to change a situation, a behavior, or an inner state of being, Serge’s intuitive knowing, energetic expertise and compassionate guidance assist you in making the transition to a more fulfilling state. Read more

Prenatal Communication

Prenatal or Preconception Communication teaches you to connect with the energy being of your baby before birth or before conception. These sessions are designed for women or couples who are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant. They are also helpful to families planning to adopt a child (even if the child is already born), or… Read more

House Clearings and Blessings

House Clearings and Blessings purify your home, office, or land of any toxic energies or beings, and create a clean, clear, sacred space for your continued growth and well-being. We can bless and clear your home of any disruptive energies inherited from previous occupants, or after you yourself have experienced… Read more